The door to mindfulness

Intricacies of perfume as a woman.
As the sun beams life into creation and the moon heralds the
mysteries within the soul, a woman can be a fierce and delicate
flower, intoxicating with perfume as intricate and complex as
the gardens of all creation.

A top note of sweet flower and wood, tells of a woman’s tender
love and giving nature, whilst the strength of wood with moss,
speaks of the pure power and the will of a woman’s connection
to the roots of her desires to overcome, to succeed in all she
puts her focus towards, with the touch and energy of completion
toward her perfections.

The second note of a woman’s perfume, speaks of spices and citrus,
this is the depth of a woman’s soul and experiences, she can dwell
in the darkness of her own needs and turmoil, giving ego and
acquisition a ruling staff within her many layers, or she can become
refined, expressed, as the lingering essence of rebirth with renewal,
to flow with the season’s, to flower, to fruit, and to reshape her
world as the golden fruit of a citrus tree, sparkling with hope,
choosing to manifest the zest of her beauty.

The third note of a woman’s soul can be hidden, mysterious, as the
bedrock of the earth, a deep chasm of possibilities, an honest musk
of nature’s creation, giving birth to the truth of her choices,
and the deep sacrifices with integrity that she makes within her
life as an infinet, complex and ever evolving perfume from the great
distillation of the mother goddess, sweet, loving, fierce, dark, luminous
and powerful, she gives life and her essence is eternal, within the heart’s
of those she touches.

*** All rights reserved, copyrights K.Legault.


Le Chasseur .
Je m’assoie dans la vitrine, le cadre de mes reves,
au soleil, et mon esprit voyage.

Mes penser sont transporter a la terre de mes ancetres,
ou les victoires et les memoires d’une vie anterieure,
me touchent au coeur profondement.

Avec le souffle de mon esprit je suis emportee et
transformer par l’image  d’un homme, celui qui
m’a   ensorceler   avec son charme et son pouvoir.

Il est chasseur, il est le Magicien, il est le fruit
sacree sur l’abre de l’amour eternelle.

La solitude, l’age, et les reveries sont les ombres
de mes conseilles.

Je ferme les yeux pour atteindre le temple de mon
coeur et mes emotions tourne en rond comme
des tempetes folle, frapant mon esprit avec
des turbulences, que je ne peux plus atteindre
la paix.

Il me coupe le souffle, et je suis perdue dans son

En profondeur mes desirs vient inonder.

Au temple de mon coeur, j’entend les desirs  qu’il chante,
dore de miel au levres, il me fait fleurir dans les plus
profondes des racines de mon corps, le pouvoir de
ces passions me transforme et me livres au
paradis du cieux du plaisir.

A travers le ciel et les nuages qui file en liberter
dans l’espace des Dieux  sacrer, ces  yeux bleu
du ciel fluide, coulent a traver mon ame, jamais
je serait la meme que j’etait, il m’a toucher
d’une magie si profonde qui etait mort en moi
et je suis  reincarne, la vie, mon coeur, sont

Il me coupe le souffle, et je suis perdue dans
son pouvoir.

***Tout droits réservées.

Positive mantra
Believe in positive energy, radiate positive energy ever-present within the Divine witch is all around everyone right now.

Radiate with pure conscious mind and action, each day as much as possible despite all challenges, nothing is final within the pure Light of God source divine Light.

Making one’s heart and mind aware each day, with gratitude in all ways possible, moving towards a new consciousness of renewed life, filled with multiple opportunities for beautiful love, joy, healing serenity and the miracle of creation in all ways.

Alight and ablaze in the Sacred to plant the seeds of renewal within your existence.

Plant Love, this grows and spreads like an expansive
Sacred vine, Plant Compassion and Mercy this grows
like an overflowing Life Giving stream in the
springtime of ever-present renewal, Plant good kind
acts of Benevolence and watch your soul grow with
illuminated radiant Light for all to see and in this
way you plant the most Sacred seeds into others.

Radiate spiritual beauty and keep strength in your core
as all renews with each new season, opportunity can
blossom with each new day.

***Tout droits réservées.


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