Old thoughts new dreams open horizons 2016

Free from pain, free from despair,

free to be in the bright summer air,

butterflies of pale hue light, flutter free,

over scattered fields, where dried grasses

sway in the  winds of renewed life,

ever changing, ever hopeful, of golden faith,

to be reborn in the Goddesse’s good favor

and loving grace.


Life is a gift, sacred, sweet and bitter all together,
we choose our paths, sometimes like a leaf in the wind
and sometimes we live under our own creation of
a pressure cooker reality, existance under a single layer
and timeframe can be brief without rainbows, if there is
no love given or shared within the garden of the soul.

Rainbows come from a childs smile, a tender gentle touch,
an innocent loving heart, a pure soul giving
without judgement and the magick that emanates from
all great deeds of compassion and reverence under the Light of
the Divine source within all.

If we cast out energy within words and deeds, is there a
reflection on the truth within ourselves, are there
shadows clinging to the flow of ego, dominating with false
truths to the self elevation of our external reference.

To be open to Divine spirit is to never be too clever to learn, always
think of the misfortunes of others to understand, cast out all dark energy
and purify pain, allow exceptance of the independant evolution of all,
acknowledge frailties / imperfection and strive to regain beauty and truth
within the tapestry of spirit.

Every seed planted in the heart of another with the water of love and
nuturing compassion is a bloom that reseeds the roots of all life.

***Tout droits réservées


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