A Long winding road

A long winding road.
Into the night, the darkness is a veil enveloping
all my senses, cast down from the full moon’s glow,
my heart reaches out into the depths of my desire,
whilst emptiness fills the air from a path lost on a
long winding road.

My destiny has surrendered to muddy rivers without
rhythm or flow as I navigate through impossible dreams
from a time of long ago.

Inside my heart a dense forest grows, bewitched in
desire like twisting vines, I am tethered to my passions
as the deep, moist earth yields the fruit of love’s seed,
I am beckoned to Magick, buried in the depth of my soul,
endless within its capacity to heal, grow and feed.

The strength of the Oak, the fertility of the Birch, roots entwined,
united we grow towards the all encompassing moon,
what the Goddess has blessed none can undo.

***Tout droits réservées.


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