Beyond the veils

The earth beckons within it’s silent wisdom,

the sky calls to the winds of storm,

the fire of creation, dance’s and sing’s to spirit,

wilst the oceans swirl and murmurs  distant calls.

I have nothing to offer but my soul,

I having nothing to offer but my heart,

I have nothing to offer but my mind,

These are less than you deserve,

these are more than you deserve,

these are beyond the veil of common darkness,

standing atop a mountain within the light of a beacon,

for those who dare enter the rhealm of awakenings.

I am the veil of the sun,

I am the veil of the moon,

I am the veil of passion’s embrace,

I will never be a temple of despair,

for I fly with the birds and dream with the stars,

I am hidden, a vessel of creation within time and space.


***Tout droits réservées

A Long winding road

A long winding road.
Into the night, the darkness is a veil enveloping
all my senses, cast down from the full moon’s glow,
my heart reaches out into the depths of my desire,
whilst emptiness fills the air from a path lost on a
long winding road.

My destiny has surrendered to muddy rivers without
rhythm or flow as I navigate through impossible dreams
from a time of long ago.

Inside my heart a dense forest grows, bewitched in
desire like twisting vines, I am tethered to my passions
as the deep, moist earth yields the fruit of love’s seed,
I am beckoned to Magick, buried in the depth of my soul,
endless within its capacity to heal, grow and feed.

The strength of the Oak, the fertility of the Birch, roots entwined,
united we grow towards the all encompassing moon,
what the Goddess has blessed none can undo.

***Tout droits réservées.

Nouvelle ouvertures

I have no excuses or apologies for my moods, they are a part of me,
they reasonate my experiences, my idiocyncracies, as well as my inner child,
I am at times lost in artful fantasy and other times I can see only
the sharp contrast between dark and light, I am constantly empty yet
constantly full with the vision of spirit, where I am guided to explore,
the vast casm of human potential and human frailty, I choose my path
giving light to my words as I experience them.

Old thoughts new dreams open horizons 2016

Free from pain, free from despair,

free to be in the bright summer air,

butterflies of pale hue light, flutter free,

over scattered fields, where dried grasses

sway in the  winds of renewed life,

ever changing, ever hopeful, of golden faith,

to be reborn in the Goddesse’s good favor

and loving grace.


Life is a gift, sacred, sweet and bitter all together,
we choose our paths, sometimes like a leaf in the wind
and sometimes we live under our own creation of
a pressure cooker reality, existance under a single layer
and timeframe can be brief without rainbows, if there is
no love given or shared within the garden of the soul.

Rainbows come from a childs smile, a tender gentle touch,
an innocent loving heart, a pure soul giving
without judgement and the magick that emanates from
all great deeds of compassion and reverence under the Light of
the Divine source within all.

If we cast out energy within words and deeds, is there a
reflection on the truth within ourselves, are there
shadows clinging to the flow of ego, dominating with false
truths to the self elevation of our external reference.

To be open to Divine spirit is to never be too clever to learn, always
think of the misfortunes of others to understand, cast out all dark energy
and purify pain, allow exceptance of the independant evolution of all,
acknowledge frailties / imperfection and strive to regain beauty and truth
within the tapestry of spirit.

Every seed planted in the heart of another with the water of love and
nuturing compassion is a bloom that reseeds the roots of all life.

***Tout droits réservées

Positive Magick *********

Renewal 2014.

How does a tree respond to war, famine and despair.
Trees do not participate in violence or war they are observers,
sentinels of quiet reflection and providers of serenity towards
the inner sanctums of truth, love and spiritual light.

When a tree is dying the despair it feels is a quiet whisper that
gently fades towards new realities and the potential rebirth of new
possibilities, the body of a tree left behind in the soil of the earth
generates an endless magick of creation, birth and renewal.

Those who choose to open their consciousness to the Sacred natural
world and to trees will be open for divine miracles within themselves
and towards others.

May the roots you grow be deep and strong, may the path you choose be
open to magick and rebirth, may you flower and bear fruit to touch the sky
and fill the hearts of all, who come forth to know you in loving joy.


Comment un arbre répondre à la guerre, la famine et le désespoir.
Les arbres ne participent pas à la violence ou à la guerre, ils sont des observateurs,
sentinelles de réflexion tranquille et les fournisseurs de sérénité vers les cénacles
de la vérité, l’amour et la lumière spirituelle.

Quand un arbre vas mourir le désespoir qu’il se sent est un chuchotement calme qui se
estompe doucement vers de nouvelles réalités et la renaissance potentiel des nouvelles possibilités, le corps d’un arbre laissé dans le sol de la terre génère une magie sans fin de la création, la naissance et le renouvellement .
Ceux qui choisissent d’ouvrir leur conscience au monde naturel sacré et les arbres du grand Divin  seront benit par les ouvertures de ses miracles sacree du divins en eux-mêmes et envers les autres.

Que les racines que vous cultivez soie profonde et forte, que le chemin que vous choisissez soie ouvert à la magie et la renaissance, que vos idees et vos gestes porte fleur et fruits en profusion pour toucher le ciel et remplir les cœurs de tous, qui viennent de suite à vous connaître en lumiere d’amour et d’amitier.

The heart of true soul’s purpose speaks in ribbons of love, beauty and ecstacy
when shared with souls of equal harmony, like petals flowing in a stream
of endless posibilities.


The mountains rise to kiss the sky and

the heavens blush with the stars of the

night, the valleys sing throught the

flowing streams, caressing the land and

all is blessed as the earth unfolds within

her loving embrace. Cherish love and life

the most sacred source of divine being.

***Tout droits réservées

As the wheel turns November***

Can you see the starlite hidden within many lifetimes of the sacred,
all the magick is hidden, only those who are awakened to the
glistening depth of the soul can see, through the eyes of the blessed
a doorway awaits, as stars swirl in a celestial sky of dreams,
magick unfolds for the worthy, who can touch the heaven’s beyond
the mundane surface of common dreams.


Pouvez-vous voir dans la nuit de l’ame,
les etoiles de la vie sacré, toute la magie
est cacher, seuls ceux qui sont éveillés
à la profondeur de l’esprit scintillante
peuvent voir.

La creation, lumiere et l’amour divine
attend fleurir pour le guerrier illuminer.

A travers des yeux au ciel ensorceler, une
porte attend s’ouvrir, comme des étoiles
tourbillonnent dans un cieux céleste de rêves,

la magie se dévoile pour les esprits sacrer
qui peuvent toucher au coeur de la Deisse
en amour et profondeur, cela exist seulement

au-delà des esprits et des reves communs.

Never surrender to the abyss.

Share your lite, give of your lite and be a candle for others.