nine x courage

Courage to dream & take a stand,

Courage to have faith from beyond our lands,

Courage to take a chance, Courage to embrace,

Courage to fly over distances, vast,  with clumsy grace,

Courage to seize with one hand, while destiny stands as a blindman.

We take our courage and hold it to heart,

the rythem of our true shelves, can never be left in the dark,

We stand as Lions within our Courage,

lonely and fierce, and the Courage we hold

is a shield waiting to be pierced. 21/01/14.

***Tout droits réservées

Here be dragons at the edge of my thoughts, in the

month of January, cold & dark, envelloped  in the

contemplation others have shadowed  and

illuminated for the past year.

“Here be dragons” means dangerous or

unexplored territories, at the edge of the maps
of experience and at the edge of the realms of

awakenings, this is a space for my words, set in

motion with poems, thoughts, prayers to chart my

own reason, for my own spiritual journeys and if

the words reasonate within the candle of another,
then truth has been given fire and the dragon is


A new year ***keep hold of the fire and release the ashes of the old