Poems, thoughts, prayers***

Cicada’s song.

Through brimming leaf, throught summer’s fair,

cicada song whistling through the sweet sunlite air,

sing of green sweet honey from the earth to renew,

sing of the summer’s veil,  glistening rainbow hues.

Rabbit in repose. 

On a grassy knole, underneath earth & roots,

I sit and wait, wilst I seek the truth,

The sky is drawn, the clouds pass me by,

wilst I gather up my dreams and pause to cry,

the stillness is vast, my heart is a song, I await destiny’s

angel to carry me home, resting now within each moment’s

pause,  I am bound to see the moon,  who’s promise

is a long lost call,  prayers to come, will heal & renew,

my soul is endless, I am the rabbit in the moon.


***Tout droits réservées.