Beyond the veils

The earth beckons within it’s silent wisdom,

the sky calls to the winds of storm,

the fire of creation, dance’s and sing’s to spirit,

wilst the oceans swirl and murmurs  distant calls.


I have nothing to offer but my soul,

I having nothing to offer but my heart,

I have nothing to offer but my mind,


These are less than you deserve,

these are more than you deserve,

these are beyond the veil of common darkness,

standing atop a mountain within the light of a beacon,

for those who dare enter the rhealm of awakenings.


I am the veil of the sun,

I am the veil of the moon,

I am the veil of passion’s embrace,

I will never be a temple of despair,

for I fly with the birds and dream with the stars,

I am hidden, a vessel of creation within time and space.


nine x courage

Courage to dream & take a stand,

Courage to have faith from beyond our lands,

Courage to take a chance, Courage to embrace,

Courage to fly over distances, vast,  with clumsy grace,

Courage to seize with one hand, while destiny stands as a blindman.

We take our courage and hold it to heart,

the rythem of our true shelves, can never be left in the dark,

We stand as Lions within our Courage,

lonely and fierce, and the Courage we hold

is a shield waiting to be pierced. 21/01/14.

Here be dragons at the edge of my thoughts, in the

month of January, cold & dark, envelloped  in the

contemplation others have shadowed  and

illuminated for the past year.

 “Here be dragons” means dangerous or

unexplored territories, at the edge of the maps
of experience and at the edge of the realms of

awakenings, this is a space for my words, set in

motion with poems, thoughts, prayers to chart my

own reason, for my own spiritual journeys and if

the words reasonate within the candle of another,
then truth has been given fire and the dragon is


Some old, some new, poems, thoughts, desires………..

Free from pain, free from despair,

free to be in the bright summer air,

butterflies of pale hue light, flutter free,

over scattered fields, where dried grasses

sway in the  winds of renewed life,

ever changing, ever hopeful, of golden faith,

to be reborn in the Goddesse’s good favor

and loving grace. 25/08/2011.


 The seashore glistens, it calls to me,

bright jewels of light, dance and sway,

as the sun caresses the water endlessly,

Salty air, deep and vast depths, fills my soul

with dreams and desires, yet to be unmasked,

passions yet to unfold, dreams left to grow,

will manifest as the tide turns within my

thoughts of unrest.  

As the wheel turns

Blessed Yule to all,

I am making my way through the wheel of the year, once again, trying to find inspiration, creativity and strength towards all challenges, sometimes excepting limitations and dark corners within spirit can help balance out the struggles we set upon ourselves.

Keeping my true heart’s flame lite, my spirit will always burn bright inside,                                        I will never surrender to the abyss.

 Share your lite, give of your lite and be a candle for others.